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The UTA is proud to announce a partnership with the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance who provides direct lobbying and grassroots coalition support to protect and advance the rights of hunters, fishermen, trappers and scientific wildlife management professionals. This is accomplished through coalition building, ballot issue campaigning and legislative and government relations.

Contributions to the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, a 501 (C)4 organization, are not tax deductible unless you are in an outdoors related industry.

Mission of the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance To protect and advance America's heritage of hunting, fishing and trapping. We do this by uniting sportsmen to: Protect against legal and legislative attacks by the animal rights movement; Win public support for outdoor sports; Ensure the future of this heritage in involving families in the outdoor experience, and Promote the sportsman's stewardship role in the scientific management of America's fish and wildlife.

The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance and the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Foundation began working on a national basis in 1978. The organizations were formed in response to a landmark Ohio Ballot issue in 1977 that proposed a constitutional amendment to ban all trapping in the State. Thanks to the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Foundation and sportsmen and sportswomen across the state, this issue was defeated. The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance and its Foundation have been working ever since to defend hunting, fishing, trapping and scientific wildlife management against lawsuits, legislation and ballot issues initiated by anti-hunters.

The US Sportsman’s Alliance and Foundation have multiple programs , each designed to address a different hunting activity to pull a grassroots foundation from each one. Unity within the taxidermy and sporting industries is going to be paramount in the next few years and knowing that people normally have a particular area they are more interested in the US Sportsman’s Alliance and Foundation have developed programs such as:

Bear Hunter Rights Coalition
The Bear Hunter Rights Coalition (BHRC) was formed to ensure the future of bear hunting in America. The coalition will counter the antis’ unyielding attacks. Michigan Bear Hunter’s Association, the Upper Peninsula Bear Houndsmen and the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association were among the first to sign on and continue to recruit members under the BHRC flag.

Bowhunter Rights Coalition
The Bowhunter Rights Coalition (BRC) was launched to build a grassroots network of Bowhunter’s. It galvanizes the bowhunting community into a potent political force by enhancing the sport's image and winning support from key community opinion leaders and policymakers.

Sporting Dog Defense Coalition
The threats against those who hunt with dogs are greater than ever before. From Massachusetts to California, states are passing laws that threaten or eliminate hunting with hounds. The USSA’s Sporting Dog Defense Coalition will protect your right to hunt with dogs. By organizing under one umbrella, dog clubs and individual Hounds-men nationwide are working to protect the sport.

Along with programs to fight for and protect our hunting and fishing rights, the US Sportsman’s Alliance and Foundation have programs that promote hunting and fishing with not only the youth but their parents as well.

Families Afield
Families Afield is a program developed by the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, National Shooting Sports Foundation and National Wild Turkey Federation to urge states to review 

We Stand Together

The United Taxidermist Association is an international organization with thousands of members worldwide.  We have no boundaries.  Our vision is to unite, promote, and champion the needs of taxidermists and those that support and strengthen us where ever we are. 

June 12, 2009  |  Artisan

The UTA grew from the need for unity and professionalism within the taxidermy industry.  In art, unity occurs when all of the elements combine to make a balanced, harmonious, complete whole.  The UTA creates that unity, a place for all individuals to come together for the betterment of the industry and those that support it.

It’s no coincidence that the UTA starts with You!  Be a part of the most positive new force in taxidermy.  Join the United Taxidermist Association today.  www.unitedtaxidermyassociation.com

UTA Partners with the US Sportsman's Alliance and Foundation

UTA Board Member Mac McLane (Kneeling) helping teach archery at the USSA Trailblazers event in Roanoke, VA. Spring of 2008

truly enjoyed themselves. Alongside the lads were the young ladies as well, and were having just as much fun. The opportunities here are wide open for those in the outdoors industries wanting to help get kids and their families involved in hunting and fishing. I would highly recommend visiting one of these events and see for yourself.

For our fellow taxidermists, set up a small booth and do a basic seminar for the kids, have some mounts out for them to see, touch and interact with and watch their expressions. It is priceless and provides both the individual or association with good press and opportunity to introduce our unique profession to future generations.

Getting the kids and parents hooked on outdoors activities is the function of the Trailblazer Adventure Program. The program was developed to introduce nontraditional populations and non-hunting families to the fun of outdoor recreation. Through this exciting program, seasoned sportsmen and wildlife professionals provide a hands-on introduction to activities like firearm safety, fishing, archery, trapping and more. Endorsed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation's STEP OUTSIDE Program, Trailblazer has a standardized, national structure and is supported by key national and local sponsors. Professional direction ensures uniformity and continued success. The kids at Camp Powhaten in Roanoke, Virginia were from a couple different Cub and Boy Scout Troops including their families and all

and eliminate unnecessary hunting age restrictions and ease hunter education mandates. The ultimate goal of the program is to send more new hunters than ever to hunter education classes, and re-verse the trend of declining sports-men's numbers.

Families Afield