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May 22, 2011  |  Gail Tout

Many times, in our work, it is the small things that make the difference between “ok” and much better.  These items in the photo are HUGE simple solutions to help make our mounts better.

If you haven’t already guessed, these are homemade texture pads. In our shop the box of texture pads is used constantly.

We all face those imperfect skins with holes or tears on the noses.  Or we use artificial noses and need to blend the putty on that line at the edge.  And, there are those pesky antelope horns with splits near the bases.  And, all those other unique areas on reptiles and mammals with repairs that must be puttied.  Paint applied over smooth putty make un-texturized areas look shiny and unnatural.

Texture Pads - Reference

The UTA grew from the need for unity and professionalism within the taxidermy industry.  In art, unity occurs when all of the elements combine to make a balanced, harmonious, complete whole.  The UTA creates that unity, a place for all individuals to come together for the betterment of the industry and those that support it.

It’s no coincidence that the UTA starts with You!  Be a part of the most positive new force in taxidermy.  Join the United Taxidermist Association today.  www.unitedtaxidermyassociation.com

Something as simple as a piece of sponge, or dish scrubby works on some areas to create texture.  To reproduce the exact texture of an area, a custom texture pad can be made.  A quick and simple pad can be made by applying a dab of hot glue to the texture you wish to reproduce.  Let it cool and peel off.  Liquid latex rubber or silicon rubber can also be used.  Paint a small area on the good texture.  Peel off when dry.  You now have a custom texture pad.  After applying the putty to the imperfection, press the pad into the soft putty and the texture will blend with no shiny spots.

Next time you are finishing a mount, consider this Simple Solution!

We Stand Together

The United Taxidermist Association is an international organization with thousands of members worldwide.  We have no boundaries.  Our vision is to unite, promote, and champion the needs of taxidermists and those that support and strengthen us where ever we are. 

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