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September 20, 2017

Chairman Garland Lessley called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T.

Roll Call
Present                                                           Absent                                    Guest                                     
Garland Lessley - Chairman                        Grant Gavin                            Shawn Hackworth                             
Jeff Whitlock – Vice Chairman                     Manny Chavez          
Bob Prewitt – Secretary                                                                                            
Craig Lewis – Treasurer                                                                                
John Jennings                                                            
Terry Bennett
Allis Markham
Gail Tout        

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Terry and seconded by John to approve the agenda.

Motion passed.

Approval of August 16th, 2017 regular meetings minutes
A motion was made by Bob and seconded by Terry to approve the August 16th, 2017 meeting minutes.

Motion passed.

Chairperson’s Comments
Garland welcomes Gail and Allis to the board.  He also stated that we are still trying to get representation for the Upper Mid-West region.  Garland stated that Craig will no longer be a board member at the conclusion of this meeting.  He thanked Craig for all he has done and contributed over the years.  With Brenda’s resignation from the Expo, Garland will appoint additional duties to individuals to cover those tasks. 


Treasurer’s Report
Report was emailed to all BOD. Craig said the last check #1810 was written and is the last check to be written on the account.  There is a check in the mail for the balance $3K sent to Susan leaving $500 in account for another 30-45 days for any outstanding issues, then he will write a final check and close the account. Craig has contacted vendors, Taxidermy Today, etc changing the invoice address to Susan’s address.   

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Bob to ratify the checks from the Treasurer’s report.

Motion Passed. 

Website Report
Pages Updated: 

2018 Expos (duplicated flyer look)
Membership Benefits – added Robin’s Nest 10% Discount
2017 Artisan Winners – added Velma Smith – KY
Business Directory – added Taxidermy Today

Marketing committee report
Expo Flyer/Registration: 

Bob asked - Under registration fees – the statement “OKTA membership required for all competitors”, are we requiring everybody to be a member of the OK association to compete whether they are competing in the OK show or UTA show?  Per Garland, there is one competition OK/UTA so we will abide by OK rules and you will have to be a member of OKTA.

Craig states that the form is confusing and should be organized better i.e. registration is under the registration section then competition info is under the competition section, etc.  He stated it’s a mistake to mandate everyone who brings a mount to be a member of OKTA. Based on above, Garland will talk to Steve and Monica. 

Craig mentioned the Challenge of State competition is missing on the form, are we still doing it?  Garland stated he thought we could save time on the form and leave it off because there is no fee or money associated with it.  Craig said since it’s so prominent on the flyer it should be on the registration form.  Garland agreed. 

Garland stated the “Mail w/remittance” address was wrong.  He also thinks we need to have a statement for early registration post mark by May 1st, take $25 off.

Terry asked where it states “OKTA/UTA Competition rules”, whose rules are we using?  Garland said OKTA.

Garland said the “one-day” registrations needs to say “Not Eligible to Compete”. 

Craig said to Garland whoever you appoint to handle vendors, have them contact me because I’ve got stuff to help them.  Garland stated Gail will be the appointed person.  Gail will contact the vendors. 

Garland said to Allis that he would like her to work with John on marketing and Jeff with donations and fundraising committee.

Membership committee

No change except 1 renewed membership came in. 

Be Bear Aware\Wolf Report

No change.

Artisan Award committee

Garland has 2 ready to ship out, Big Rock and Arkansas, contacted Brenda Black to start producing, she said that we need to have a new mold made because the current one is coming apart between now and the end of October we will need to have the mold made at a cost.  Did Craig ever get the bill for the medallion for the lifetime plaques?  Craig said for Brenda to send to Susan. 

Donations/fundraising committee

Marvel Africa Hunt: 

Marcel de Villiers confirmed a fully donated hunt to the UTA.  7 day hunt (5 Hunting days. Day 1 and 7 is airport pickup and drop-off.  We do not hunt on those days.  Trip includes 2 wildebeests and 2 impalas.

Marcel appreciates that we added their website address to the flyers. http://www.marvelafrica.com/ just so people can read more about us.  I believe that would also add value to the fundraising.

Marcel would like to begin a long-term relationship with the UTA, not just give a one-time hunt.  This still needed to be worked out between the UTA and Marcel.

One of Marcel’s ideas is to give something like a 10% discount to the UTA members who contact them through the UTA. This would then empower your members to book hunts and groups and invite friends/clients of theirs which will all contribute to the larger project.

Craig said he would like to be the point of contact for this project.  Terry asked John if they were sending any information materials to setup a table at the Expo?  John asked but hasn’t heard anything back yet.  Craig asked if John could have them send a map showing their hunting areas so that people will know this is not a fenced in area at a farm but thousands of acres that they will be hunting in.  John wanted to know if it was ok to let Marcel know that the UTA would like to start a long-term relationship, Garland said yes and to give Craig and Allis’ numbers as point of contacts.

Aylmer Lake Lodge:

10% discount offer on a 5 day fishing trip: Kevin McNeil at Aylmer Lake Lodge – http://aylmerlakelodge.com confirmed the 10% discount. If we choose to adopt the partnership agreement below we can sent it to info@aylmerlakelodge.com for him to fill out.

Partnership Agreement.  Is this something the UTA should adopt?  Garland said it might not be a bad idea to have something like this for non-taxidermy related companies. 

Garland made a suggestion that at the beginning of the year do a push to get the vendors to renew their business memberships.

Should we create a separate discount page on our website for our hunting/fishing discounts?
If we create the above page should we put our taxidermy business members’ advertising on this page too?  Jeff and Allis both have a business membership and I have not done any advertising for them yet.  There are others too.

International Director Report

Grant Absent.  

International Ambassador

John Janelli Absent. 

CWD Alliance:
Terry wants to introduce Shawn because he has more experience with the CWD issues.  He wants to know if the UTA wants to get involved to make the industries voice heard.  Shawn explained some of the issues going on with the CWD and MN with rules and regulations.  Craig mentioned that the UTA should move forward and appoint a committee and we should be involved at a national level and a consultant at a state level.  Craig suggests we call John Janelli and talk about this topic with him and get him involved on the committee. Terry had talked to John a couple weeks ago about the CWD issue. He will reach back out to him again.  Terry said that there is a link on the CWD Alliance website, under National Info that has every state and providence’s regulations.

New business:

UTA 2 year memberships:

Changing the membership from one year to two year membership option.  Come up with the amount and fees, because we tend to work on new membership around October to November membership.  He gave this task to Bob to get a price in writing.   

The UTA Helping Hand Fund:

Craig mentioned starting this fund to assist fellow taxidermist who have been hit with a catastrophic event.  If the UTA feels we should proceed, Craig will assist.

Corporate LinkedIn Page:

Should we create a corporate LinkedIn page for the UTA to help with sponsorships and donations? We would need to have an @unitedtaxidermyassociation.com email address.  Terry and Garland think it is a good idea.  If John is willing to do it, Garland says go ahead. 

Debit/Credit Card:

Garland said that Susan asked if we should have debit/credit cards.  Jeff said it’s a good idea, Bob agreed.  Who should get debit/credit card? Garland thinks Bob should have debit card since he is the secretary and the treasurer.  Anyone thinks do we have a credit card?  Gail said she thinks a debit card is ok because it has limits of what can be purchased.

Garland’s recommendation of who should get a debit card would be:


Any opposition to this?  Terry said it’s ok. John said it’s ok.

Garland would like a $500 limit on debit card but would like to change the limit through a personal vote at the time of the Expo. 

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by John to apply for 3 debit cards with a $500 limit for the President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

Voice Vote was made and passed unanimously.

Updating Credit Card processing system:

John needs new bank account information so he can update the system for credit cards.

Breakthrough Ad exceeds allowed $500 expenditure limit: 

A motion was made by Bob and seconded by Terry for the Breakthrough Ad expense. 

Voice Vote was made and passed unanimously.

Certify the Election Results:

Gail Tout is the Member at Large BOD
Allis Markham is the Southwest Region BOD
Terry Bennett retains his Northwest Region BOD

Election of New UTA officers:

President – Garland Lessley
Vice-President – Jeff Whitlock
Treasurer – John Jennings
Secretary – Bob Prewitt

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Gail for the above mentioned UTA Officers positions. 

Voice Vote was made and passed unanimously.

For the Good of the Order:

Tasks for BODs:

Gail – Vendor contact

Jeff – Budget for fiscal year, show, artisans, insurance for the officers, etc.  Jeff to provide over the last 2 years high average expenses.  Also, would like last year’s final expo of expenses.

Need to create more seminars for the Expo.  Terry asked Jeff if he would be interested in doing a Ladies seminar like the last one he did at the last Expo and he said he would if he can ship the stuff.

A motion to adjourn was made by Terry and seconded by Bob at 3:39 pm MST.

Next meeting on October 18th, 2017 time of call at 2:00 pm MST.    

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