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September 21, 2016

                                    Chairman Craig Lewis called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T.

AFWA Report was given By John Janelli. Please see attachment.

Roll Call                 

Present:                 Absent            Guest

Craig Lewis Chairman                                    John Jennings                

Garland Lessley vice Chair        Mark Walker         John Janelli

Terry Bennett Secretary            Manny Chavez    

Bob Prewitt                 Brenda Duvall

Jeff Whitlock

Approval of the Agenda

A motion was made by Garland and seconded by Bob to approve the agenda

Motion Passed unanimously

Approval of August 24, 2016 regular meeting minutes

A motion was made by Garland and seconded by Terry to approve the August 24, 2016 minutes as presented

Motion passed

Chairpersons Comments

Craig stated that he attended the New Zealand Association convention and presented 2 seminars on behalf of the UTA, and Presented the Artisan award. This was done at his expense with no funds from the UTA. Brenda Also attended and judged the NZ show.

Craig also stated that he has found a new credit card processing company that does not charge the high fees associated with our current processor.


Treasurer’s report                

Report was emailed to all Bod.

There were no questions on the Report.

A Motion was made by Terry and seconded by Jeff to ratify the checks from the Treasurer’s report.

Motion Passed unanimously by a roll call vote

Website Report

Jeff stated that the website is doing fine. He has add names to the Artisan winner photos. Jeff also said that he has received comments that people would like to be able to pay their memberships online from the website.

Marketing committee

No report Committee chair vacant.

. Membership Committee

Status quo

Be Bear Aware committee

No changes.

Artisan Award

Status Quo, Garland asked Craig if we had received a bill from the supplier yet. Craig said the bill has not arrived.

Discussion on getting the Associations that receive the Artisan to send in photos of the winners as well as promote and recognize the UTA’s contributions.

Donations/ fundraising committee

Garland has spoken to several potential sponsors, but it is their busy time of year so he has had no positive response. Jeff asked if we get donations from vendors every year or only Expo years.

Discussion on Mckenzie and Headquarters for possible inclusion in the membership benefit program

Discussion on sponsorship levels, advertising revenue and other forms of fundraising.

International director report

Mark Walker spoke favorably of the UTA at the New Zealand show. Mark proposed that the UTA “Adopt a Kiwi” program be restarted. This program was well received in the past. A US member would pay for the UTA membership of a New Zealand person and that person would in turn pay for the US members NZ membership.

Craig will coordinate with Mark Walker and the Australian group as well.

International Ambassador.

Craig spoke to John Janelli about the position. There were no objections from the board to appoint John to the position.

Also see attached report from the AFWA conference.

2016 final expo report.

Craig will have the final expo report at the next meeting

2018 Expo

Oklahoma is on board and feels it will be beneficial to both organization. We do need to work out some of the details banquet, finances, etc.

2017 General membership meeting will be in Oklahoma


With the exception of the international position there were no nominees or write in votes.  

Craig nominated Grant Gavin for the international director position.

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Bob to appoint Grant to the International director position.

Motion passed.

This leaves the NW seat and the US territories seat open. Craig stated the By Laws allow that in this circumstance the current board member may retain the seat. Craig asked Terry if he would like to do so.

Terry said he would remain in the NW region seat for a short time until a replacement can be appointed.

Brenda who is currently in the US Territories seat was not present.

New business

A motion was made by Garland and Seconded by Bob to have Craig pursue a new credit card processing company.

Motion passed

Election of Officers.

After board discussion

A motion was made by Craig and Seconded by Terry to elect the following Slate of officers.

Garland Lessley –Chairman

Jeff Whitlock Vice Chairman

Bob Prewitt Secretary

Craig Lewis Treasure.

Motion Passed

Check signers.

Craig will coordinate to add check signer as he and Brenda are the only ones currently allowed.

Directive to Terry to set up a phone conference including Bob, John Jennings and Terry to discuss transferring membership management to John’s software.

For the good of the order.

None .

Announcement of the next meeting on September 14, 2016 at 2:00 pm MST.

Motion to adjourn by Craig at 3:13 MST