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October 19, 2016

Chairman Garland Lessley called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T.

Roll Call

Present                        Absent                    Guest

Garland Lessley - Chairman                 Grant Gavin                    John Jennings        

Jeff Whitlock – Vice Chairman             Brenda     Duvall                        

Bob Prewitt – Secretary    Manny Chavez

Craig Lewis                                            

Terry Bennett                                

Approval of the Agenda

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Craig to approve the agenda.

Motion passed unanimously.

Approval of September 21, 2016 regular meetings minutes

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Craig to approve the September 21, 2016 minutes as presented.

Motion passed unanimously.

Chairperson’s Comments

Garland mentioned as the new chairman he may need the assistance of everyone to make sure the UTA succeeds. There was an unexpected death in the Lasasso family the former owners of Jonas supply and taxidermy.  Sharon passed unexpectedly on Saturday.  Garland sent a condolence email to the family in lieu of flowers since the family requested nothing to be sent.  Rocky and Sharon were a large part of the Taxidermy industry and her presence will be greatly missed.


Treasurer’s Report

Report was emailed to all BOD by Craig.

There were no questions on the Report.

A motion was made by Craig and seconded by Terry to ratify the checks from the Treasurer’s report.

Motion Passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

Website Report

Jeff stated that he is working on updating the treasurer reports and meetings minutes.  Jeff to contact a woman to assist in setting up Membership on the website which he will then post something on Facebook about membership website.  Garland mentioned to update election results on website. Craig mentioned that he will send pictures and names to Jeff of the Artisan winner from the New Zealand show to be added to the website.

Marketing committee

No report Committee chair vacant.

Membership committee

Status quo.

Be Bear Aware committee

No change.

Artisan Award committee

No change.

Donations/fundraising committee

No change.

International Director Report

No report Grant Gavin absent.  Craig spoke highly of the New Zealand show when he was there and did two seminars.  The Australian Association approached Craig about returning in March to the show to advocate for the UTA for international members.  Craig looking for ideas on what else we might be able to do for them.

International Ambassador

No Report John Janelli absent.  To be added to the agenda for the next meeting. Craig mentioned original registration fee was $350 but the fee turned out to be $200.  We received a $150 back from John Janelli.

2016 Final Expo Report

Craig will have the final expo report at the next meeting.

2017 Board Meeting Oklahoma

No change.

2018 Expo venue Oklahoma

Garland stated that it is still on as far as he is aware.

New business:

New Credit Card Processing Company

Craig found a new credit card processing company which has lower fees.  There was an email vote prior to this meeting that positive.  Craig sent application to all BOD for review of signature requirements.  Jeff will contact Tanya Feathers for further instructions and setup.  Craig wants to keep both processes in place until comfortable then he will cancel First Data.

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Jeff to ratify the email vote.

Motion Passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

World Show

Craig was able to get two booths #111 and #112 for next year’s World show.  The cost is $360 per booth.   Craig stated he will assist Garland in the booths.  Bob stated if he makes it to the show, he can help.  John Jennings also stated he might be able to help.

Taxidermy Direct Software/UTA Membership management

There was a phone conference between John, Terry, and Bob prior to this meeting about the software.  All three agreed it was a positive discussion on the use and implementation of the software.

John explained to the rest of the board some aspects of how the software will work and should be setup.   

A motion was made by Craig and seconded by Terry that we don’t implement the software until Bob and John have worked through the process for a reasonable amount of time and are comfortable that the software will work as needed.  John agreed to the idea.

Motion passed.

Organizational Issues:

US Territories position

Craig nominated John Jennings for the US Territories position on the board and he accepted the nomination.

Motion Passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

Taxidermy Today magazine

A motion was made by Craig seconded by Terry to work with Brenda in creating a plaque to recognize Terry Ehrlich, owner/editor of Taxidermy Today magazine, for his years of strong support of the UTA.  

Motion passed.

UTA/NTA discussion

Craig received a phone call from Fred Vanderburgh who suggested a merger between the two associates.  Craig expressed his personal opinions about the merger and there was a brief discussion by the UTA BOD.  BOD are open to continued discussion with the NTA.

SW Board Member position

Garland has contacted Kerby Ross about filling the position but hasn’t heard back from him.

For the good of the order.


Announcement of the next meeting on November 16th, 2016 at 2:00 pm MST.  

Motion to adjourn by Craig seconded by Terry at 2:54 pm MST.

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