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May 25, 2013  |  Craig Ferguson

NZTA Habitat Seminar

I thank both men for their time and effort to improve the lot of those who could get there and learn and would love to see it repeated in the South Island soon as the fees charged should cover all expenses. Time will tell. Also a thanks to the ladies who finished such a wonderful spread for lunch as I may just book to go the South Island one to see it all again.

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habitat effects. Once in there element these two just made thing flow so freely and so did there many answers to the numerous questions put to them. It was amazing.

I personally feel privileged to have been there as to see the work done in front of me and being encouraged to be hands on, I got far more from it than watching a dvd or reading it in a book. I did however video it to jog my memory in times of need. Not only were we shown how to use the different types but also given recipes of what each effect was made of in plain New Zealand language.

​We also asked questions on some of the mounts there drying and I must admit I loved the small animals that were mainly Ken's work, as it showed just how much natural talent that man has and is willing to convey so freely. This day gave me and I am sure all that attended a much more comprehensive tutorial that our work can only improve from there.

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The UTA grew from the need for unity and professionalism within the taxidermy industry.  In art, unity occurs when all of the elements combine to make a balanced, harmonious, complete whole.  The UTA creates that unity, a place for all individuals to come together for the betterment of the industry and those that support it.

It’s no coincidence that the UTA starts with You!  Be a part of the most positive new force in taxidermy.  Join the United Taxidermist Association today.  www.unitedtaxidermyassociation.com

Having attended the much anticipated 2012 South Pacific Taxidermy Championships that allowed be to meet and compete for some of what I have always considered at the "Gods and Goddesses" in the taxidermy world, taken in there freely given knowledge and experiences along with their extremely well presented seminars, I considered that my live in taxidermy had been for-filled. I have admired these "Gods" since I subscribed to the Taxidermy Review magazine published by the great Joe Kish, and been to his seminar like many other members, thought that they would never be beaten or bettered. How wrong I was.

​As having paid my fee to attend the Habitat seminar at Mark Walkers studio, I was again blown away to watch Mark and Ken Walker glide through the day with effort less ease, showing the 9 of us how to make and apply different artificial habitat materials for the different