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Board Meeting via Teleconference

May 17th, 2017

Chairman Garland Lessley called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T.

Roll Call
Present                                                                       Absent                                                                                   
Garland Lessley - Chairman                                    Grant Gavin                                                   
Bob Prewitt – Secretary                                            Jeff Whitlock                                                  
Craig Lewis – Treasurer                                            Manny Chavez
Terry Bennett
John Jennings

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Craig and seconded by Bob to approve the agenda.

Motion passed.

Approval of April 19th, 2017 regular meetings minutes
A motion was made by Craig and seconded by John to approve the April 19th, minutes as presented.

Motion passed.

Chairperson’s Comments
No comments

Treasurer’s Report
Report was emailed to all BOD.  Craig suggested to raise funds would be to auction off workshops again.  There was a nice return the last time these were auctioned.  He has talked to a few individuals, who have offered up a workshop. 

A motion was made by Bob and seconded by John to ratify the checks from the Treasurer’s report.

Motion Passed. 

Website Report
No change. 

Marketing committee
John had the 1 page flyers made up and brought them with him to the WTC for handouts.  Garland mentioned he is enclosing 40-50 tri-fold brochures when shipping the Artisan awards. 

John working on the post cards for renewals and still working on table tents.  Garland approved the printing of table tents if at a reasonable price.  John will continue checking on pricing.  John asked Bob to send to him how many business membership we have currently.

Membership committee
Terry mentioned a member called him wanting to join and he referred him to Bob.  Bob instructed him how to join online because Bob is at the WTC.

Be Bear Aware\Wolf Report
Terry mentioned he got word back that the skin from Moyle Tanner was garment tanned and not taxidermy tanned.  Moyle’s garment tan is not recommended for taxidermy, per their website.  Terry suggested that in the future, they bring the skins to him for tanning.  Craig suggested that maybe we can do a rug with the current skin, Terry wasn’t too sure it would work as a rug.

Artisan Award committee
Garland has 2 to be delivered at the WTC and sent 5 in the mail.  He has 7 more to be mailed and 8 more on order. 

Donations/fundraising committee
No change.

International Director Report
Craig went to Australia and said it was great show.  They were very hospitable and he signed up some new members.     

Craig mentioned that Grant Gavin’s father passed away and he wants to send a sympathy card.  

International Ambassador
No change.

Old business:
2017 Board Meeting Oklahoma
Garland mentioned his reservations were made, other members are still working on their reservations. 

2018 Expo Venue Oklahoma
Garland spoke with Steve Abbott at the WTC and we will all get together later this week to discuss further. 

New business:
Treasurer Bookkeeper
No change.

Lifetime Member Plaques
No change.

Table Tents for Business members
Already mentioned in marketing committee section above. 

How many supplier hand-outs and 2018 Expo fliers should we print?
Already mentioned in marketing committee section above. 

In addition, Craig mentioned about contacting Terry Ehrlich, at Taxidermy Today, and getting an ad.  In the past, they have helped up design it.   

Craig also contacted Breakthrough to get an ad in a couple of issues.

Terry mentioned that in HQ Taxidermy supply catalog that there is another association promoting their show.  We should talk with HQ about doing the same for us.   

State of NY Bill
It’s been handled.

For the Good of the Order:
Craig suggested everyone contact someone they know to donate a workshop to be auctioned off. 

Craig also mention he would like the UTA to give away a prize at the OK show.

Craig mentioned in the past, we had a membership drive, where we would give a new membership for $10 through their associations. We believe that most people have forgotten about this option, so let’s make it known again. 

A motion to adjourn was made by Bob and seconded by Craig at 2:20 pm MST.

Next meeting on June 9th, 2017 time of call approximately 12:00 pm CST.