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To:        UTA Board of Directors

From:        Craig Lewis

Subject:    Treasurer Report for May 2016 

Date:        May 16, 2016

Checks written since 4/8/16

Ck#1665    4/19/16        $47.68    USPS                    Stamps
Ck#1666    4/26/16      $100.00    D Galitz               Expo ring
Ck#1667    4/26/16        $66.50    Kirshell Svc          Accounting    
CK#1668    4/28/16      $124.99    T. Bennett           Shipping/mailing

CK#1669    5/3/16        $100.00    OR Taxi Assoc.    Hospitality
CK#1670    5/3/16        $100.00    ID Taxi Assoc.     Hospitality
CK#1671    5/3/16        $100.00    NE Taxi Assoc.;   Hospitality
CK#1672    5/3/16        $100.00    TN Taxi Assoc.    Hospitality
CK#1673    5/3/16        $100.00    SC Taxi Assoc.     Hospitality
CK#1674    5/3/16        $100.00    AL Taxi Assoc.     Hospitality
CK#1675    5/3/16        $100.00    CO Taxi Assoc.    Hospitality
CK#1676    5/7/17        $100.00    WA Taxi Assoc.    Hospitality
CK#1677    5/7/16        $210.90    G Lessley              Shipping
CK#1678    5/7/16        $100.00    MO Taxi Assoc.    Hospitality
CK#1679    5/16/16        $53.70    Rocking Horse     Life Plaque

CK#1680    5/16/16     $330.00    Montana Design  Artisans (6)
                                            $9.00    Columbia Bank    Bank fee    
                                          $61.75    First Data              CC Fees
The check book balance as of 4/30/16 is $27,689.87

When and if financial obligations are made, please contact me so I may confirm availability of funds.

Please submit requests for reimbursement accompanied by applicable invoices/receipts as soon as possible after the expenditure

Ensure vendors forward invoices to support payments preferably before the sums are paid to: UTA C/O Craig Lewis 544 E Humorist Rd., Burbank, WA   99323.  Each transaction must be supported by an invoice or receipt on file.

UTA checks not processed after 120 days may be stopped.