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Board Meeting via Teleconference
United Taxidermist Association
May 18, 2016
Chairman Craig Lewis called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T. 

Roll Call                 
Present:                                              Absent                              Guest
Craig Lewis Chairman                                                              John Jennings
Garland Lessley vice Chair              Mark Walker         
Brenda Duvall                                   Manny Chavez                          
Terry Bennett Secretary                    
Bill Bowen 
Bob Prewitt 
Jeff Whitlock 

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Garland and seconded by Terry to amend the agenda by eliminating all of the reports with the exception of the Treasurer’s Report and the Artisan award committee report.  The purpose of the amendment is to shorten the meeting to concentrate on the expo final details. 
Motion Passed unanimously by a roll call vote 
Approval of the April 20, 2016 regular meeting minutes
A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Garland to approve the April 20, 2016 minutes as presented 
Motion passed 

Chairpersons Comments
Craig discussed the untimely death of New Zealand member and taxidermist Phillip Charles. 
The floor was opened for discussion on ideas for a fitting memorial to be provided by the UTA to the New Zealand Association to recognize Phillip and his contributions. The BOD came to a consensus that it would be nice to use the UTA medallions in some way. Brenda will discuss this with the New Zealand Association when she attends their show in September of this year. 
Craig contacted the board members earlier this week to be sure that there was no opposition to him writing something for Mark Walker to possibly read at the funeral. 
Craig also has written a eulogy that will be published in Breakthrough Magazine. 

Treasurer’s report                 
Report was emailed to all Bod. 
There were no questions on the Report. 
A Motion was made by Garland and seconded by Brenda to ratify the checks from the Treasurer’s report. 
Motion Passed unanimously 
Discussion was held on negotiations with the Host Hotel on the Room blocks.  
It seems that some of the vendors were able to book their rooms online for a lower rate and the hotel was not counting these toward our room nights. This could lead to the facility charging more due to reduced room nights per our contract. Brenda and Craig are working with the hotel to remedy the situation. 
Artisan Award
Garland has 5 more awards to send out, and will receive them by June 20. They will ship in July and August. Garland would like to get quotes for the wood rounds from vendors attending the Expo. 
International Ambassador
Craig stated again his belief that the UTA should have a presence of some kind with US Fish and Wildlife service, SCI, and organizations that effect taxidermy. He pointed to a law passed in New Jersey recently that bans the import of sport hunted African trophies. 
Craig proposes that we appoint an Ambassador. 
Discussion was held on who would best represent the UTA and the purpose and intent of the proposal. 
The proposal will be addressed again and future meeting. 

2016 Expo 
The Kentucky state association will be providing some of the back boards for the expo. Brenda and Jim will be bring the rest from Wisconsin. 
Brenda went over the event schedule 
Thursday meet and greet. 
Friday surprise vendor luncheon. 
Sat night Banquet. 
New business
New Associations and request for the Artisan award. 
What should the policy be? 
After discussion the board came to a consensus that organization currently receiving the award will be eligible in the future. 
Directive to Garland to write a draft policy on requirements to receive the Artisan award. Garland will bring the draft to the expo for discussion. 
2018 Venue
Discussion was held on the geographic location of the next Expo in 2018. The board will take input at the General membership meeting at the Expo. 
Annual meeting 2017
Utah has requested that the UTA annual meeting be held in conjunction with their state show.

Announcement of the next meeting. The Next Meeting will be June 15, 2016, at 2pm MST
Terry made a motion to adjourn at 2:52 pm MST. 

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