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Board Meeting via Teleconference
United Taxidermist Association
March 15, 2017
Vice Chairman Garland Lessley called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T. 

Roll Call                 
Present:                                                        Absent                                                                             Guest
Garland Lessley - Chairman                    Grant Gavin         
Jeff Whitlock - Vice Chair                          Manny Chavez                         
Bob Prewitt - Secretary                            Craig Lewis - Treasurer        
Terry Bennett                                             John Janelli - International Ambassador

John Jennings                                     

Approval of the Agenda

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Bob to approve the agenda as presented
Motion Passed Unanimously

Approval of the February 15th, 2017 regular meeting minutes

A motion was made by Bob and seconded by Terry to approve the February 15, 2017 minutes as presented 
Motion Passed Unanimously 

Chairpersons Comments

Garland is concerned that some of the associations are more concerned with receiving the $100 check and Artisan award, than promoting the UTA.  Bob mentioned that it seems that individuals are more interested in competing at the conventions than supporting their associations.  Terry said if individuals are not required to join associations to compete, they don’t.  Garland sent out the letter to the Zimbabwe conservation group.  Garland is still working on the welcome letter for the Jonas Brothers Studio.  

Treasurer’s report

Report was emailed to all BOD, Craig not in attendance to discuss.  Garland had a question to Bob about the 3rd check and if it was for all the membership renewal expenses, i.e. stamps, envelopes, and printing, Bob confirmed.  

Website Report
 John got the credit card system up and running on the website and received a couple of renewals.  Also, Ohio Taxidermy Supply (OTS) was added to the website as a member benefit vendor.  John also posted on Facebook about OTS coming onboard as a new member benefit vendor.  He is in the process of posting additional articles from the Artisan magazine on the website. 

Marketing Report
Brochure has been updated with OTS and other changes and sent out to BOD.  When Garland goes to the Kansas show, he is going to speak with James Taxidermy from Mississippi about coming onboard and offering a member benefit.  John Jennings is going to send some brochures to the Louisiana show.  Bob asked if we were still trying to get donations for the 1 on 1 workshops to be auctioned off, Garland said yes.  Bob suggested that when we attend shows to network with the up and coming winners and try to get them to donate time for these workshops to introduce new faces for the UTA.

Membership committee report
Bob sent out the membership packages which included a thank you card, sticker, membership card, and member benefits vendor list.  In addition, all new members received a certificate.  Bob sent a bulk email using the Taxidermy-Direct program to all non-renewed members reminding them to renew.  He also posted on Taxidermy.Net reminding people to join/renew and updating their address information with us if they’ve moved because of the number of returned mailings. 

Bob brought up about the credit card renewal process and the refund for Jonas Brothers since he call because he had an issue using the credit card process. John Jennings refunded Jonas Brothers’ the one transaction.  Garland will contact Jonas Brothers to get new contact information for company.  Bob and John Jennings talked about the credit card system and adding additional fields to help identify member’s information for memberships.

Bob needs to get more UTA stickers for renewed memberships.  Terry said to ask Craig where we got them.  Bob mentioned different options for stickers, bumper stickers, or window stickers, if you spend a certain donation dollar amount.  John Jennings mentioned possibly setting up a Linked-In account to generate more donations.  We would have to create a corporate email account to create the Linked-In account. 

Bob sent Garland and John an example of the table tents for business members to put on their tables to see if they would like to go in that direction.

Be Bear aware report 
No change


Artisan Award
Garland got in 8 from Montana to be sent out for up and coming shows.  Garland will send Jeff the Artisan for Mississippi and he will carry that to the show.    

Fundraising / Donations committee
No Report

International Director 
No report Grant Gavin absent

International Ambassador

No report John Janelli absent.  

Old business:

2017 Board Meeting Oklahoma

Garland spoke with Steve Abbott, the OK Association is going to reserve 5 rooms for the UTA. John Jennings asked what day are we going to have our BOD meeting in OK, Garland discussed it with Steve and suggested that we could have our BOD meeting right after their meeting but it’s still being discussed.   

2018 Expo Venue Oklahoma
No change.

New business:
Taxidermy Direct Software/UTA Membership management

No change.   

Signature authority for checks
Tabled until next meeting.

Treasurer Bookkeeper
Tabled until next meeting.

Credit Card Processing
John wants to get additional BOD to have access to the credit card processing system.  John will look into if a receipt can be generated and sent to multiple emails.  John asked, is there a formal procedure setup for refunding members and when credits can be issued?  There is no formal procedure, however refunds can happen when approved by the BOD on a case by case basis.  

For the Good of the Order:
Garland asked, who handles the life membership plaques?  Previously, Craig and Brenda handled these.  Terry said to check with Craig.

A motion to adjourn was made by Terry and seconded by Bob at 3:13 pm MST.

Next meeting on April 19th, 2017 at 2:00 pm MST.  

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