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Board Meeting via Teleconference
United Taxidermist Association
March 23, 2016
Vice Chairman Garland Lessley called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T. 

Roll Call                 
Present:                                         Absent                             Guest
Garland Lessley vice Chair        Mark Walker         
Brenda Duvall                              Bob Prewitt                         
Terry Bennett Secretary            Craig Lewis         
Bill Bowen                                     Manny Chavez 
Jeff Whitlock 

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Bill to approve the agenda as presented
Motion Passed
Approval of the January 20, 2016 regular meeting minutes
A motion was made by Brenda and seconded by Terry to approve the February 17, 2016 minutes as presented 
Motion passed 

Chairpersons Comments
Brenda sent out show flyers to vendors. Brenda will send 500 flyers to Research Mannikins Oregon facility. 
Brenda will send Jeff the text on the seminars for the website. 
Half of the vendor booth space is sold 

Treasurer’s report                 
Report was emailed to all Bod. There were no questions on the Treasurer’s report. 
A Motion was made by Brenda and seconded by Terry to ratify the checks from the February report. 
Motion Passed unanimously  
Website Report
 Jeff said that the Mississippi state show requested flyers. 
Brenda will send seminar info to Jeff for inclusion in the website
Discussion on CC processing and feasibility of using more than 1 processor. 
Discussion on Craig’s proposal to offer payment incentives for member articles to be included in the website. Tabled until the next meeting 
Jeff will research the website content volume vs. cost.  

Marketing Report. 
Bill spoke with the expo hotel and was told that there is no reservation deadline to receive the discounted room rate. 
Ads in taxidermy publications are looking good and will run through the expo. 
Membership committee report. 
A few memberships are still trickling in. 
Be Bear aware report. 
Terry has received a request from the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game to have the UTA work on a lIfesize wolf. The skin is at a tanner in southeastern Idaho. The IDFG is not sure when the skin will be finished. Terry will assess the skin when they get it back from the tannery. 
Fundraising committee. 
There are no seminars up for auction at this time. The board will approach some of the winners after the expo about the possibility of donating some of their time and talent. 
Artisan Magazine report. 
On hold for now. 

Artisan Award
There have been some production problems from the supplier of the Artisan bust. Garland has sent out all that he has and has been promised 6-8- more by March 28. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon. If need be Garland will ship the awards directly to the winners. 
Donations committee
No Report 
International Director 
No Report. 
2016 Expo 
Judges and seminars are all taken care of except for Tim Jordan who is on the fence. 
Brenda will contact Brett Defreitas for possible seminar/vendor.
Division of Labor
Bill is judging and will help place ribbons. 
Terry, Bob, and Manny will help with the hands on Game head seminar. 
Brenda has recruited help for the front desk and has it covered. 
Garland will be the vendor area liaison, and will help set up the show room. 
Terry will help with hanging mounts in the competition area as well.

International ambassador 
 Tabled until next meeting.  

Announcement of the next meeting. The Next Meeting will be April 20, 2016, at 2pm MST
Garland made a motion to adjourn at 2:53 pm MST.