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To:                   UTA Board of Directors
From:              Craig Lewis, Treasurer

Subject:          Treasurer Report for June 2017

Date:               June 19, 2017

Checks written since 5/11/17

Ck#1781        5/26/17           $100.00          CO Taxi Assoc          Hospitality

Ck#1782        5/26//17          $100.00          NEAT                         Hospitality

Ck#1783        5/26/17           $100.00          ID Taxi Assoc            Hospitality

Ck#1784        5/26/17           $100.00          WV Taxi Assoc         Hospitality

Ck$1785        5/26/17           $100.00          NE Taxi Assoc          Hospitality

Ck#1786        5/26/17           $100.00          AL Taxi Assoc           Hospitality

Ck#1787        5/26/17           $118.90          G Lessley                  Artisan Shipping

CK#1788       5/27/17           $71.23            J Jennings                  Domain + advertise

CK#1789       6/4/17             $300.00          Brenda Black            6 Artisans

CK#1790       6/6/17             $100.00          SC Taxi Assoc            Hospitality

CK#1791       6/6/17             $100.00          TX Taxi Assoc            Hospitality

CK#1792         VOID               VOID               VOID                         VOID

CH#1793       6/8/17             $77.40            G Lessley                  Artisan Shipping

CK#1794       6/8/17             $252.63          J Jennings                  Post card + postage

CK#1795       6/8/17             $286.43          OK Taxi Assoc          Hospitality room

CK#1796       6/13/17           $534.00          Walnut Creek           50ea artisan panels

POS             5/12/17              $125.00          Wal Mart                    Gift cards for worlds

                                               $124.00                                               CC Fees 

                                                    $9.00          Columbia Bank          Bank fee       


The check book balance as of 5/31/17 is   $8,777.60

When and if financial obligations are made, please contact me so I may confirm availability of funds.

Please submit requests for reimbursement accompanied by applicable invoices/receipts as soon as possible after the expenditure

Ensure vendors forward invoices to support payments preferably before the sums are paid to: UTA C/O Craig Lewis 544 E Humorist Rd., Burbank, WA   99323.  Each transaction must be supported by an invoice or receipt on file.

UTA checks not processed after 120 days may be stopped.