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Board Meeting via Teleconference

United Taxidermist Association

July 19, 2017

Chairman Garland Lessley called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T.

Roll Call
Garland Lessley - Chairman                                   Grant Gavin                                                   
Bob Prewitt – Secretary                                           Manny Chavez                                              
Craig Lewis – Treasurer                                           Jeff Whitlock – Vice Chairman                                 
John Jennings                                                            
Terry Bennett

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Terry and seconded by John to approve the agenda.

Motion passed.

Approval of June 21st, 2017 regular meetings minutes
Addendum - Garland noted that a change was needed in the Donations/fundraising committee section line 4 the word pass to be changed to past.

A motion was made by Terry to approve the June 21st minutes with the addendum change and seconded by Bob.

Motion passed.

Chairperson’s Comments
Garland realized while searching for Artisan winners, some state associations do not have a link to the UTA website and he would like for board members to review their respective state’s websites for links report back for the next board meetings and discuss further actions to be taken.  He feels this effects our membership and state associations willingness to support us.

Garland spoke with Susan about starting and finalizing the new bank account process. 

Garland wants board members to review the returned mail list of past members that Bob sent out, in their respective states, to see if they can provide updated contact information and let Bob know of the changes.


Treasurer’s Report
Report was emailed to all BOD.  Craig state, we received $800 from an auction and another auction will begin in August with Matt Smith and tentatively in September a workshop with Ken Walker.  Bob suggested to start promoting these workshops in advance to the auction with the hope that more people will see them and bid on them using UTA website, Facebook, and TaxiNet.

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Bob to ratify the checks from the Treasurer’s report.

Motion Passed. 

Website Report
John said that with Google analytics he is finding that the 2018 Expo and Convention is our most looked at page each month with 43 views in the last 28 days.  We need to keep this updated regularly as we finalize our activities – seminars, judges, logistics, etc.

Pages Updated: 

June 2017 Board Meetings Minutes and July 2017 Treasury Report.

Marketing committee
Calendars:  Received quote from Minuteman

Table Tents:  No change.

Flyers/Brochures: corrected the show dates on the electronic copies. They will be corrected for the next printing.

“Are You In” Eclipse Campaign:
Website Pages Views

Great American Eclipse = 39
Membership Beneftis = 34

Facebook Postings
Views = 137
Likes = 6
Reach = 1,204


Views = 266

Net Result = no new signups

Craig liked the idea of the Eclipse even though there wasn’t a return but we must keep up the “awareness” of new fresh ideas on the website. 

Membership committee
Bob said one new member joined last month.

Be Bear Aware\Wolf Report
No change. 

Artisan Award committee
Garland has 2 more to send out, one to Maine and one to Northeast Regionals. He will have 4 more to send out by the end of the year.  Terry Bennett will call Terry Weick and see if he can take the New Zealand and Australian Artisan awards with him.  

Donations/fundraising committee
Jeff Absent.

International Director Report
Grant Absent.  

International Ambassador
John Janelli Absent. 

Craig said that John Janelli emailed him willing to donate a Henry rifle and another item for donation for auction.  

Terry mentioned along with the Conservation fund that John is involved with, we should be involved with the CWD.  Garland would like Terry to keep an eye out on TaxiNet for conversations regarding this topic.

Old business:

2018 Expo Venue Oklahoma
John spoke with Susan MacQuarrie and summarized the conversation.  Notes sent to BOD.  Garland would like to forward John’s email report to Steve Abbott for review and before we submit any press releases we coordinate with each other.

New business:

Terry wants to know if we’ve received any nominations.  Craig said he has received one.  Ballots were sent with write in open.   

Craig wants to send the Accountant agreement template to Susan to be used for the next Accountant.  Garland said yes to send the document. 

For the Good of the Order:

A motion to adjourn was made by Bob and seconded by Terry at 2:55 pm MST.

Next meeting on August 16th, 2017 time of call at 2:00 pm MST.