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Board Meeting via Teleconference

United Taxidermist Association

January 18, 2017

Chairman Garland Lessley called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T.


Roll Call                                                               

Present:                                                                         Absent                                           Guest
Garland Lessley - Chairman                                      Grant Gavin

Jeff Whitlock - Vice Chairman                                    Manny Chavez

Bob Prewitt - Secretary

Craig Lewis - Treasurer

Terry Bennett

John Jennings

John Janelli - International Ambassador

Approval of the Agenda

A motion was made by Craig and seconded by Terry to approve the agenda as presented

Motion Passed Unanimously

Approval of the December 14, 2016 regular meeting minutes

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Craig to approve the December 16, 2015 minutes as presented

Motion Passed Unanimously

Chairpersons Comments

Garland discussed the email sent to all the board members suggesting the UTA hold a convention in Arkansas.  Craig sent a response no thanks. 

Treasurer’s report                                                          

Report was emailed to all BOD by Craig.  There were no checks written and there were no questions about the report.

A Motion was made by Terry and seconded by Bob to ratify the Treasurer's Report.

Motion Passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

Website Report

John said, the credit card company received the application and it will take about a week to review and then they will contact him.  Hoping to have it completed by the end of January.  Get UTA main selling points on the front page of the website. Craig suggested another person to have access to the website platform as a backup.  John mentioned that Jeff does have the knowledge and access.  Craig wanted to list business members on the website.  

Marketing Committee

John working on getting logos from vendors to be added to website.  The Artisan sample online version was sent to the board and the boards says it looks great and to proceed.  Craig would like John to develop a new tri-fold brochure.

Membership Committee.

Approximately 800 new letter and applications are printed and being stuffed into envelopes to be mailed out hopefully by Friday.  One renewal called in so far. Bob asked about International members, do we want to send email or mail them? Canadian members, we will mail with international stamps but overseas we will email. 

Be Bear aware report

No change.

Fundraising / Donations Committee

No change.

Artisan Award Committee

Garland to send Craig receipts.  Sending out Jeff’s, for the Florida association about the first part of March and Craig’s to be sent out for New Zealand show probably Thursday or Friday.  
Artisan Award

International Director Report

No report Grant Gavin absent. 

International Ambassador

John Janelli addressed the board with a proposal to auction off a hunt with the proceeds going to the Conservation Force.  John would be responsible for acquiring the hunt, he proposed the UTA promote, organize, and collect proceeds that will be sent to the Conservation Force in the name of the UTA.  John is asking for board permission to acquire donations in UTA’s name to raise $$ for Conservation Force and the board will discuss and get back to him with our answer. John suggested maybe having John Jackson from Conservation Force attend a board meeting. 

John further discussed more specifics about the proposal regarding the USDA approved facilities on the UTA website.   

2016 Final Expo Report

Craig stated he will send out the final expo report.

2017 Board Meeting Oklahoma

No change.

2018 Expo venue Oklahoma

No change.  

New business:

Taxidermy Direct Software/UTA Membership management

John worked with Bob about the application.  Bob received the donated refurbished laptop computer from John. 

New Credit Card Processing Company

No change. Hoping for a January roll-out.

Membership fees

Will discuss at the next meeting. (In January a discussion was made about increasing membership fees.  No increase at this time.  Multiple suggestions were made about possible discount membership for renewal using online credit card processing versus checks, multi-year discounts, etc.)

A motion was made by Craig and seconded by Terry to table the membership fees discussion until the next meeting.

Motion passed unanimously.

Signature authority for checks

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Bob to take Dale off of the signature authority for checks.

Motion passed unanimously.

$100 to be sent to states with The Artisans

We are doing this all in agreement.

Treasurer Bookkeeper

Craig hasn’t drawn up the contract.  Will be discussed at the next meeting.

Sportsmen Alliance Club Membership

We had a $500 membership previously.  Terry suggested we use the $500 to support the Conservation Force taxidermy program.  Will be discussed at the next meeting. 

Supplier Discount Ads

Garland suggests they be on our website. 

Organizational Issues:

SW Board Member position

Still vacant.

For the Good of the Order:

Craig suggests a policy that the board members not use the UTA for business gain.

Craig moves to support the Conservation Force and allow them to use the UTA name as a partnership and help them with an auction of an item yet to be determined.  Terry mentioned possibly being able to attend the Conservation Force meeting in Seattle with John Janelli.  For the auction, Craig, will be the contact for John.  Craig suggested that the Conservation Force put in writing who has the authority to access the money. 

A motion was made by Craig and seconded by Terry to support Conservation Force auction partnership.

Motion passed unanimously.

Garland mentioned about the USDA link on UTA website that John Janelli suggested. Bob recommended we put a link on our website linking to the USDA website to limit the amount of maintenance by the UTA. 

A motion was made by Craig and seconded by Bob to link to the USDA website.

Motion passed unanimously.

Terry suggests “Taxidermy in the classroom” seminar to promote taxidermy to kids with taking pictures and a narrative to put on our website.

Announcement of the next meeting on February 15th, 2017 at 2:00 pm MST. 

Motion to adjourn by Craig and seconded by Bob at 4:00 pm MST.