​United Taxidermist Association

Board Meeting via Teleconference

United Taxidermist Association

January 20, 2016

 Chairman Craig Lewis called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T.


Roll Call                                                               

Present:                                                               Absent                                 Guest

Craig Lewis                                                         Mark Walker                      John Jennings

Garland Lessley vice Chair                                                                                           

Terry Bennett Secretary               

Jeff Whitlock                                                                     

Bob Prewitt

Bill Bowen

Brenda Duvall

Approval of the Agenda

A motion was made by Garland and seconded by Terry to approve the agenda as presented

Motion Passed

Approval of the December 16, 2015 regular meeting minutes

A motion was made by Garland and seconded by Bill to approve the December 16, 2015 minutes as presented

Motion passed


Chairpersons Comments

No comments.



Treasurer’s report                                                          

Craig again mentioned Manny’s resignation and the need for a new Member at large Board members as well as the need for someone to take over the Treasurers position. The treasurer’s report was sent to all board members by Craig. There were no questions or objections.

A Motion was made by Garland and seconded by Brenda to ratify the checks from December.

Motion Passed

Website Report

Jeff discussed the website activity. Jeff will add minutes, treasure’s reports and the show schedule to the website.

Educational articles- Craig will send in and article.

State associations page. Craig asked the members of the board to help provide content.

Marketing Report.

Bill Bowen has accepted the chair of the marketing committee. Everything seems to be running smoothly Craig will assign new tasks.  Ads have run in Breakthrough and Taxidermy today. Bill will call Terry Urlick on new Taxidermy Today ad.

Membership committee report.

Terry said that quite a few members have renewed after the mailer was sent out. He will send out a post card reminder mailer. Discussed membership demographics and ideas to increase the membership.

Be Bear aware report.

We will wait until we get a better bear. Terry will stay in contact with Idaho Fish and game.

Fundraising committee.

Tony Finazzo raised $1000 for the Matt Smith seminar with an online auction on Taxinet.

Craig asked the BOD to think of ideas for fundraisers.

Artisan Magazine report.

No committee at this time. Craig found a publisher that will print the magazine for $3000 per issue.

75% of that cost could be covered through ad sales in the magazine.

Artisan Award

Garland has 12 left to send out, and he is waiting on the next shipment. Garland has covered all upcoming state shows but Arizona and Illinois.


Donations committee

Jeff is having trouble getting donations from the larger companies.

Brenda will meet with Mike Pebeck at the SCI show to solicit donations.


2016 Expo

Brenda is finalizing the schedule.

She has added 2 ladies seminars

Discussion on the hands on seminars and who will be available to help.

Brenda asked the BOD to please call the hotel and make reservations then let her know the days that they will be arriving. The UTA will cover 4 nights only.

Headquarters supply will be providing 3 email blasts about the UTA show.

15000 show fliers ordered.

Board members need to bring or send all of their banner stands to the expo.

The board discussed the shows that they will be attending this year. The UTA will be well represented in most of the country with the exception of the upper Midwest. Craig will try to attend at least one show in that region. 

The Australian association has requested some seminars. Craig and Brenda will try and coordinate with them to provide seminars in conjunction with travel to the New Zealand show.

For the good of the order.

Craig wanted everyone to know that in future months additional show expenses with be reflected in the Treasurers report.

Announcement of the next meeting. The Next Meeting will be February 17, 2016 at 2pm MST

Garland made a motion to adjourn at 3:08 pm MST.