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The UTA grew from the need for unity and professionalism within the taxidermy industry.  In art, unity occurs when all of the elements combine to make a balanced, harmonious, complete whole.  The UTA creates that unity, a place for all individuals to come together for the betterment of the industry and those that support it.

It’s no coincidence that the UTA starts with You!  Be a part of the most positive new force in taxidermy.  Join the United Taxidermist Association today.  www.unitedtaxidermyassociation.com

We are saddened to learn of Jan Van Hoesen’s passing over the weekend. We never thought we would be thinking about Jan as a memory. 

Jan Van Hoesen was a World Champion sculptor, taxidermist, and friend. Jan established her credentials in the early 1990’s when she took top honors at major taxidermy competitions with her outstanding mammal work, including winning the 1992 World Champion title. She has won top taxidermy awards (both judges’ choice and people’s choice) at all levels of competition; State, National, International, and World. She was also a respected judge at all levels of competition, including the World Championships.

Jan had an intimate knowledge of animal behavior gathered from years of research with live animals in her home. She specialized in custom small mammal taxidermy and her unique knowledge of animal behavior and artistic talent were reflected through every creation.

Jan was a consummate volunteer and was active on many boards, including the Michigan Taxidermist Association, the International Guild of Taxidermy, and the National 

December 4, 2017  |  Board of Directors

Taxidermists Association. She was a Lifetime Charter Member of the United Taxidermist Association and proudly served on our very first Board of Directors. She was passionate about the vision we set forth; to unite, to promote and champion the needs of taxidermists. We are stronger because of her.

​We are privileged to have known, and worked with, such an amazing, strong woman, who cared deeply for her friends and colleagues. She was an ambassador for our industry and for the UTA.

Jan held a teaching degree from Michigan State University and was a teacher and mentor to many. She was always willing to help others in need; from answering everyday taxidermy questions to leading hands-on seminars at the UTA’s first ever Expo in Pasco, WA.

She taught us strong values and the importance of working together as a family, tolerance towards one another, generosity and patience towards one another’s weaknesses.

We will always remember her as a leader, a fighter, a nurturer and a very resilient woman with strong ethics. We wish everyone could be so lucky to work with someone like Jan once in their lifetime and hope that everyone, when such people cross their paths, never take them for granted.

Jan Van Hoesen is without equal and we humbly stand with a World Champion.

Jan Van Hoesen - In Memory

We Stand Together

The United Taxidermist Association is an international organization with thousands of members worldwide.  We have no boundaries.  Our vision is to unite, promote, and champion the needs of taxidermists and those that support and strengthen us where ever we are.