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UTA General Membership Meeting

May 27, 2016

6:00 PM C.S.T.

Louisville, Kentucky


Board members present                                   Board members absent
Craig Lewis UMW Chairman                               Bob Prewitt NE
Garland Lessley LMW Vice chair                        Mark Walker INT
Manny Chavez Member at large Treasurer
Terry Bennett NW Secretary
Brenda Duvall US Territories
Jeff Whitlock SE
Bill Bowen SW

Members in attendance.

Joe Simmons, Jessica Simmons, Jim Fritz, Rich Miller, Jim Hess, Richard Ward, Wade Calvert, Jean Roll, Jan Van Hoesen, Michelle Bowen, Ken Edwards

Craig made introduction of the Board members in attendance and explained the UTA board of directors process.
Craig explained the Board meeting schedule and invited all to attend. He also explained the membership benefits and the focus of the UTA on education. The UTA has a goal to help strengthen the State associations.

Craig stated that we depend on the membership to help spread the word.

We are an apolitical, transparent organization. Our meeting minutes and Treasurers reports are posted monthly on the UTA website, but we do have an intent to keep up with legislative issues that affect our members and our industry

Craig, and the rest of the board explained some of the other benefits that the UTA provide. Among those are UTA scoresheets, Artisan Award, Vendor appreciation checks, Judges and seminarians list, Hands on seminars at state shows, Vendor discounts, the bi annual Expo, and the UTA is the only International Taxidermist association.

Craig opened the floor and asked those in attendance for input and ideas.
Joe Simmons mentioned Facebook and how it would be beneficial to the UTA to spend more time updating our social media. A discussion on Social media in general ensued.

Manny discussed the possibility of other titles etc. in conjunction with the competition.

Rich Miller had ideas for regional recognition of and individual.

There was discussion on the show attendance and entry numbers vs dates and geographic location.

Discussion on cooperation between states and the UTA for a joint convention.

Craig asked all the attendees for their opinion as to what is important to them and their reasons for attending Taxidermy convention.
The Majority of the attendees had education at the top of their list, followed closely by Fellowship, Comradery, and meeting new friends with the same interests.

Manny motioned to adjourn Terry seconded.

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