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Board Meeting via Teleconference

United Taxidermist Association

February 17, 2017

Chairman Garland Lessley called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T.

Roll Call                                                               

Present:                                                               Absent                                 Guest

Garland Lessley - Chairman                            Grant Gavin                                                               

Jeff Whitlock – Vice Chairman                         Manny Chavez                                                                      

Bob Prewitt – Secretary                                            

Craig Lewis - Treasurer                                                                                                                                 

Terry Bennett

John Jennings

John Janelli – International Ambassador

Approval of the Agenda

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Jeff to approve the agenda.

Motion Passed unanimously

Approval of the January 18, 2017 regular meeting minutes

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Bob to approve the January 18th, 2017 minutes as presented.

Motion passed unanimously

Chairpersons Comments

Garland stated that he can get the tri-fold brochures printed for $285 per thousand. When there are changes or new vendors that come on board, we will contact Garland who will get another 1000 printed with this price.   


Treasurer’s report                                                          

Report was not emailed to all BOD because paperwork at the Accountants.  Craig will get the report distributed before the next BOD.  Craig will complete the Annual 990 report before leaving for Australia.  The 1099 forms have been sent.  

Website Report

Launch new website look celebrating 10th year anniversary, added new gallaries and business member’s directory page, added to the member’s benefits page, and still working on publishing Artisan articles.  John stated that the sponsorship level contact information on the website needs to be changed from Brenda Duvall.  Garland stated to make him the contact.  Bob asked if all business members are going to be listed on the website.  Craig and Garland agreed that all business members should be on the website.  Going forward, Bob will send to John any new business membership information.

Marketing Report

John is getting a 1000 brochures printed and distributed to the board members.  He needs quantities and address information because the brochures will be sent directly from the printers.  Jeff asked for the PDF of the brochure and John will send him it so that Jeff can get them printed as he needs them.  Craig suggested getting a table tent printed stating “Proud Member of the UTA” so business members could put them on their tables at the shows.  Bob said he has examples that he can send to Garland and John to look at.  John would like to add some videos of seminars at the state shows to the website.  

Membership committee report

All 799 renewals were mailed out.  So far, 40 renewals have been received and sent to Craig for depositing.  We have received 60 mail returns.  Bob asked if the year should go on the certificates BOD said yes.  Garland asked if membership cards are being sent out.  Bob said yes, he is preparing to send out membership cards to all renewed memberships. Garland said to send out certificates to new members only. Craig said, around March 15th to send out reminder cards to members and then the last pass will be for each board member to call members in their areas.  Craig said to go on TaxiNet to announce address changes to get members to contact us with their new addresses.  John said he can put on our website a form where members can put in their member number and change information that will then email us the new information.    

Be Bear aware report

No change.

Fundraising committee

Garland talking with Jeff about raising money.  Garland suggested a donations page on the website.  Hoping to have more information by end of next month. Jeff reached out to different sporting goods stores to hopefully get a contact for donations. 
Artisan Magazine report.

Artisan Award

Garland still waiting on 4 awards.  However, Craig thinks we should consider asking Tony Finazzo to see if he can produce some of the awards for us also.  Garland said he will reach out to Tony.

International Ambassador

Garland asked John Janelli to send something to us to put on our website referencing the USDA.  John Janelli just returned from the SCI, he meet with various taxidermists and one stood out, The Jonas Brothers studio.  He met with the new owners and has suggested sending them a welcome to the industry letter.  Garland will take charge of sending the letter.  John Janelli spoke with representatives from Zimbabwe and a new brokerage firm from NY.  He thinks they will be good contacts for us and has the information if we need it. Craig suggested to John Janelli to write down all of the above suggestions and any new suggestions and submit them to us.

John Janelli will attend the Wildlife Conservation event at Spokane, WA and he will be attending seminars.

A motion was made by Craig and seconded by Bob to approve paying John’s registration fees and Terry’s registration fees, if he can make, to the Spokane event.   

Motion Passed unanimously by a roll call vote. 

New Business:

Taxidermy Direct Software/UTA Membership management
Still working on get acclimated to the application and continuing to use the excel format for new memberships. 

Signature authority for checks
No change.

Treasurer Bookkeeper
No change.

Sportsmen Alliance Club Membership
Not pursuing remove from agenda.

For the good of the order:

Craig suggest to Garland that he contact Brenda Duvall about helping with the Expo.  She will get back with him about helping.  However, Garland would like to compensate her for her time.

A motion to adjourn was made by Craig and seconded by Terry at 3:10 pm MST.

Next meeting on March 15th, 2017 at 2:00 pm MST.