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Clay Wagner - Member Spotlight

May 7, 2013  |  Clay Wagner

The UTA grew from the need for unity and professionalism within the taxidermy industry.  In art, unity occurs when all of the elements combine to make a balanced, harmonious, complete whole.  The UTA creates that unity, a place for all individuals to come together for the betterment of the industry and those that support it.

It’s no coincidence that the UTA starts with You!  Be a part of the most positive new force in taxidermy.  Join the United Taxidermist Association today.  www.unitedtaxidermyassociation.com

We Stand Together

The United Taxidermist Association is an international organization with thousands of members worldwide.  We have no boundaries.  Our vision is to unite, promote, and champion the needs of taxidermists and those that support and strengthen us where ever we are. 

My name is Clay Wagner, I was honored to be the Lower Mid West Regional Director for the UTA! I also serve on the Board of Directors for the Texas Taxidermy Association.

I live in Central Texas, in a small place called Durango, I began doing Taxidermy in 1986 on a dare and look where I am now! I operate a full time shop called Deer Creek Taxidermy, We specialize mammal work from all over the world, but cats of all kinds are my passion!

I have competed at the state, national and world shows, I love teaching and sharing the knowledge that I have gained over the years by attending these shows, but nothing compares to the life long friends I have made and looking forward to making many more!

I love to hunt and fish, but my main hobby is raising my fifteen year old daughter, which includes cheer-leading, softball, horses and everything that goes along with girls!  She believes this is my full time job, and taxidermy is my hobby!

I am looking forward in helping with the leadership of the UTA, and the upcoming show in Nebraska!