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BOB PREWITT has been a plumber for the last 20+ years working in the custom residential and commercial industry.  At the same time, his love of hunting and fishing, started him down the road to taxidermy, so for the last 18 years, he has been doing taxidermy part-time and competing in state and regional competitions.  Over these years, he has meet some very interesting and talented individuals, who have helped him improve his taxidermy skills and has developed life-long friendships that he values.

Due to a car accident 4 years ago, he no longer works in the plumbing industry and currently works at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with his wife, Susan.  Their son recently graduated from SUNY Maritime Academy and is traveling the world.  Also, they have 2, four legged children that they spoil more than their son.  

Terry Bennett - I was born and raised in the Great state of Idaho. I have been married to my wife Gloria for 20 years. We have three children Jake 19, Sara 16, and Marianna 12. We live on a couple acres with horses, dogs, cats, chickens and goats. The little free time that I do have I enjoy spending with my family and friends hunting and fishing. Like many of you I started dabbling with taxidermy as a youth. It eventually morphed into a full time studio which I have operated for the last 22 years. I spent many years on the board of directors of the Idaho taxidermist association, holding the positions of Secretary, Vice president, and President. I have attended and/or competed at the state, national and world level. The amount of knowledge that others have shared with me over the years at these shows is amazing.

I am Charter member #19 as well as a life Member of the United Taxidermist Association. When the UTA first formed I believed in the mission and was proud to be associated with the dream and the vision of all those great people involved. I still believe in that mission today.

I am proud to serve as the Northwest Regional UTA Rep. 

Taxidermy Direct

SHAWN HACKWORTH - I have been an avid outdoorsman my whole life and spend a good portion of my free time enjoying the outdoors and the wildlife that live there. After preserving memories for family and friends as well as myself for a number of years I decided to go to school to obtain a more informed knowledge of taxidermy.

I now have the knowledge and experience to handle most every aspect of taxidermy. It has evolved into a business that I enjoy very much. I feel very fortunate to have been blessed with the ability and talent that is needed to re-create a moment in time.

Although I don’t enter as many taxidermy competitions as I would like, I have placed well at the ones that I’ve entered. I’m proud to join the UTA Board of Directors, representing the Upper Midwest Region. I look forward to meeting you.

GAIL TOUT - The road to owning a full time taxidermy business, like many taxidermists, took a long and convoluted track. I have been a Certified Dental Assistant, Office Manager, Elementary School Librarian, Bookkeeper and Business Owner. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology.

My husband Dan started out as a taxidermy hobbyist.  By attending State, National and World competitions and attending seminars he has over time, become an excellent full time taxidermist.  I came into the business as a Rug Maker, utilizing my crafting and sewing skills, at the urging of our local taxidermist friends.  I now am full time in our business producing Wholesale Rugs for other taxidermists.

My passion is travel.  The most exciting trip, so far, was to Antarctica!

This is my second time on the BOD of the UTA.  I believe strongly in education for excellence in our profession.

Grant Gavin
International Representative

New Zealand
(Work) +64 9 433 1070

Taxidermy Direct

Allis Markham specializes in bird taxidermy and prides herself on her work with smaller birds. This has enabled her to work along side biologists, exhibit designers and curators at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles,the Moore Lab of Zoology, The Huntington Library, The Frost Museum of Science, University of Colorado and many other institutions.

Allis has received multiple awards for her taxidermy work. Most recently, Allis won the title 'Third in the World' at the 2017 World Taxidermy Championships for her African Jacana, non-game bird. 

Allis joined to board of directors for the UTA in 2017.

GARLAND LESSLEY - I began my professional taxidermy career in the late 1980s.  After completing a 26 plus career in the US Air Force, my wife Connie and I returned to our childhood home in north-central Missouri.  I opened a full time studio in Huntsville, MO.

I have competed at state, regional, National, UTA, International, and world shows, nearly every year since then.  I enjoy attending seminars and discussing issues with other taxidermists, suppliers, and the general public.  But most important to me is teaching what I know, giving seminars, judging, and helping out where I can.

I enjoy hunting and fishing as most of you, but, my number one challenge today is keeping up with my two sons and four grandkids:  a granddaughter in college, a grandson that plays numerous sports, and his love for hunting and fishing (wonder where this comes from); and two granddaughters, who love gymnastics, and soccer.

Taxidermy Direct
Taxidermy Direct

JOHN JENNINGS complements a 20+ year IT career with a business and marketing degree. An engineer by trade and artist by heart, he owned and operated a successful taxidermy studio, Heads or Tales Taxidermy, before marrying his wife, Sara, in 2007. They now run Taxidermy Direct, LLC., a cloud-based business software for the full and part-time taxidermist. He is also a writer for Breakthrough Magazine. His business articles regularly offer advice and insight to developing and running a sound taxidermy business.

He and his wife continue their family tradition of operating Sara’s family farm near Edgerton, WI, now in its 5th generation. With the help of their daughter, they raise alpacas, chickens, and hay. The remaining acreage is leased to their neighbors where they grow corn, beans, and an occasional stand of tobacco.

Taxidermy Direct
Taxidermy Direct
Taxidermy Direct
Taxidermy Direct

Allis Markham
Southwest Region – NM, CO, UT, AZ, NV, CA, HI
Work (323) 896-0573

​Bob Prewitt - Secretary
Northeast Region – OH, MD, DE, PA, NY, NJ, RI, CT, VT, NH, ME, MA
Work (267) 319-6524

​Jeff Whitlock - Vice Chairman
Southeas​t Region – VA, WV, KY, NC, SC, TN, GA, AL, FL, MS
Work (386) 547-2139

John Jennings - Treasurer

US Territories
Cell (608) 334-9478

Gail Tout
Member at Large

Work (520) 790-1054

Terry Bennett
NW Region – WY, MT, ID, OR, WA, AK, ND
Work (208) 461-3155

Garland Lessley - Chairman
​Lower Midwest Region – KS, MO, OK, AR, LA, TX
Work (660) 277-4339

Shawn Hackworth

Upper Midwest Region – IL, IN, WI, MN, MI, IA, SD, NE

​Work (763) 682-2662

UTA Board of Directors 2018