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Board Meeting via Teleconference

United Taxidermist Association

August 16, 2017

Chairman Garland Lessley called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T.

Roll Call
Present                                                                       Absent                                     Guest
Garland Lessley - Chairman                                    Grant Gavin                             Rich Miller                              
Jeff Whitlock – Vice Chairman                                 Manny Chavez
Bob Prewitt – Secretary                                                                                            
Craig Lewis – Treasurer                                                                                
John Jennings                                                            
Terry Bennett

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Bob to approve the agenda.

Motion passed.

Approval of July 19th, 2017 regular meetings minutes
A motion was made by Terry and seconded by John to approve the July 19th, 2017 meeting minutes.

Motion passed.

Chairperson’s Comments
Garland deferred until the For the Good of the Order section.


Treasurer’s Report
Report was emailed to all BOD. 

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Bob to ratify the checks from the Treasurer’s report.

Motion Passed. 

Website Report
Pages Updated: 
Business Directory Listing – Added Taxidermy Today and highlighted them on our home page
2018 Expo and Convention – Updated with current info

Pages Added:
Ken Edwards Honorary Lifetime Membership

Shopping Cart:
Investigating GoDaddy’s Wordpress options to see if we can add a shopping cart. This would allow us to accept payment for expo registration and memberships more easily.

Marketing committee
Expo Flyer/Registration:  created OK Registration form.  John mentioned the need to tweak layout and wording for more clarity.  Craig brought up that we need to be more prominent in any advertising for the show.  To ensure that people know this is the UTA expo in conjunction with the OK show. 

Advertising:  Taxidermy Today and Breakthrough will run full page ads until the expo.  Research Mannikins will stuff flyers in shipments – at both the Oregon and Illinois facilities, Trufitt, Dixieland, and at Jim Allred.

Calendars:  John to find cost of 2018 wall calendars.  Bob commented UTA should hold off of on calendars due to the expense or if we agree to do a calendar, do a smaller version that would replace the stickers that are currently sent out with membership renewals.  Garland asked John to send a PDF to BOD of the calendars and he will also take it to his local print shop to find out a cost. Craig stated since it’s a 2018 calendar put on it to attend the 2018 Expo with maybe a picture of the hotel. 

Additional Finance Topic
Craig wanted to revisit the treasury stuff.  He forgot to mention that between now and the September meeting, he will have sent a $4000 check to open the new bank account.  As of September, John needs to change the automatic account numbers for the credit card process to the new account.  Craig will leave $500 in the current bank account for any outstanding deposits that come in.  Hopefully by the October meeting, which Craig will attend as a guest, he will present all the documents indicating the current bank account is closed.  He is shipping all documents to the new bookkeeper, Susan. 

Donations/fundraising committee
John talked about the Marvel Africa hunt.  http://www.marvelafrica.com/ contacted Salome de Villiers at Marvel Africa and inquired about donating a hunt to the UTA.  They seemed receptive to the idea and wants to hear our thoughts and ideas.  Marvel recently sponsored a hunt for Outdoor Adventures for the Physically Challenged and have sponsored hunts for Hunt of a Lifetime.  Scheduling a phone call with William Stuber at Outdoor Adventures to discuss their experiences with Marvel and how their hunt raffle/auction went.  He will him today at 3:00pm.  Garland stated with all the issues that come with a raffle, it may not be the way to go.  Craig agrees that raffles are a pain however, he really likes the idea of this Marvel Africa hunt it’s a great idea as an auction item.  Craig stated to make sure that the people understand that there are additional costs that will be incurred for this hunt i.e. airfare, shipping, tips, etc. approximately $3000.  Jeff was wondering how to notify people of this hunt.  Garland recommended TaxiNet, UTA website, and Facebook to get the word out.  Rich Miller suggested that since people have their own Facebook pages for them to put this on their FB pages to reach more people.  Garland said that we will do more research on this topic and get back with everyone.

Jeff stated no change, however he spoke of his difficulty reaching businesses and is looking for any suggestions from the BOD on how to get in to speak with these people.  He has tried LinkedIn with no luck.  Craig mentioned the possibility of getting a fishing trip as a donation in FL.  Jeff mentioned the good times for fishing is in bad weather, wintertime, so it’s hard to get people to bid on it.  Jeff thought about an Osceola hunt but you have to have people willing to come down there and pay the added expenses; airfare and staying in a hotel.

Membership committee
Bob sent out the Honorary Lifetime Membership to Ken Edwards.  He received the memberships from Garland that he got from the MO show and he will process them. 

Be Bear Aware\Wolf Report
No change. 

Artisan Award committee
Garland sent the last one out today to Terry Weick who will deliver it to the New Zealand show for us.  He wants to be proactive in getting addresses to send the awards too for next year.

International Director Report
Grant Absent.  

International Ambassador
John Janelli Absent. 

CWD Alliance
Terry has been keeping an eye on this topic and states that we should take the lead to contact and participate in anything that has to do with this topic.  Craig feels that we need to reach out to John Janelli so that he can get us in contact with these associations that are on the frontlines of the CWD issue.  Garland asked Terry to contact John Janelli. 

Old business:
Garland checked Lower Mid-West and Southwest region with the exception of Louisiana who has not been updated since 2013 and Texas only has the NTA mentioned not the UTA.  All other states have the UTA referenced.  Bob checked his region websites which show no links or just mention the UTA as supporters.  Rich mentioned KY just updated their website so someone should check in with them.

New business:
No change

For the Good of the Order:
Garland stated Jonas Company was sold again. Craig said we should still pursue Jonas about an award that was discussed with the previous owners.  Garland will send a letter to the new owners.

Garland asked the guest, Rich Miller, if he had any comments.  He stated about the calendars and in his opinion the desk calendars are more useful to him because you can write on them.  He offered his help down in his area of St. Louis if we ever needed anything.

A motion to adjourn was made by Terry and seconded by Bob at 3:01 pm MST.

Next meeting on September 20th, 2017 time of call at 2:00 pm MST.    

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