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August 17, 2016 No quorum rescheduled to

August 24, 2016

                                    Chairman Craig Lewis called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T.

Roll Call                 

Present:                 Absent            Guest

Craig Lewis Chairman                                    John Jennings                

Garland Lessley vice Chair        Mark Walker         Emily Williams

Terry Bennett Secretary            Manny Chavez    

Brenda Duvall        

Bob Prewitt

Jeff Whitlock

Approval of the Agenda

A motion was made by Garland and seconded by Terry to approve the agenda

Motion Passed unanimously by a roll call vote

Approval of July 20, 2016 regular meeting minutes

A motion was made by Garland and seconded by Terry to approve the June 15, 2016 minutes as presented

Motion passed

Chairpersons Comments

Craig introduced Emily Williams the taxidermy coordinator for Hunt of a lifetime foundation.

Emily explained the position of taxidermy coordinator and the need for a person or several people to take over the position. Emily can no longer continue in the position due to health reasons.

The board discussed the requirements and needs and possibility of the UTA taking on this role.

There will be further discussion in the future.

Craig also stated that he received a marketing letter from the Cam Plex in Gillette Wyoming requesting that the UTA hold the Expo at their facility. Craig explained to them that we have already chosen venue for the next expo, but will keep them in mind for future events.

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Craig said that John Janelli is attending the conference and requested that the UTA cover his registration of $350 for the event. John agreed to cover all other expenses himself.

Board discussion

A motion was made by Garland And seconded by Terry for the UTA to pay John Janelli’s registration of $350 at the Association of Fish and Wildlife agencies conference.

Motion passed.


Treasurer’s report                

Report was emailed to all Bod.

There were no questions on the Report.

A Motion was made by Garland and seconded by Brenda  to ratify the checks from the Treasurer’s report.

Motion Passed unanimously by a roll call vote

Website Report

Jeff has been updating the website. Jeff also ran into Mac Mclane at the North Carolina show and Mac set him up as an administrator of the UTA facebook page. Jeff has updated the Facebook page and received a tremendous response.  

Marketing committee

No report Committee chair vacant.


Membership Committee

Status quo

    Elections- We have received no nominations at this time. Terry will mail out a write in Ballot.

Craig asked that board members think about individuals that would be suited for appointment to the board in the event that there are no qualified write in candidates.

Be Bear Aware committee

No changes.

Donations/ fundraising committee

Garland and Jeff have not received any at this time. Craig mentioned auctioning seminars on the internet.

International director report

No report.

International Ambassador.

No discussion

2016 final expo report.

Craig will have the final expo report at the next meeting

New Associations and distribution of the Artisan Policy  

A motion was made by Brenda to bring the tabled motion (from the last meeting) to pass the distribution policy back on the floor. Terry seconded.

There were no objections and the motion to approve the Artisan policy on Distribution passed.

2018 Expo

Discussion on timing of show, Banquet, etc. Garland will talk to Oklahoma to arrange a teleconference.

New business


For the good of the order.

Jeff will put the Artisan policy on the Website.

Garland stated that Missouri had a great show.

Craig said that he had never been on a board with such a great group of directors.

Announcement of the next meeting on September 14, 2016 at 2:00 pm MST.

Motion to adjourn by Garland at 3:29 MST