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Board Meeting via Teleconference

April 19th, 2017

Chairman Garland Lessley called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T.

Roll Call
Present                                               Absent                                     Guest                                                 
Garland Lessley - Chairman            Grant Gavin                            Steve Abbott                          
Jeff Whitlock – Vice Chairman         Manny Chavez                       Brenda Duvall                                    
Bob Prewitt – Secretary                                                                     John Janelli – International Ambassador
Craig Lewis - Treasurer
Terry Bennett                                                             
John Jennings

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Jeff to approve the agenda.

Motion passed.

Approval of March 15th, 2017 regular meetings minutes
A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Bob to approve the March 15th, minutes as presented.

Motion passed.

Chairperson’s Comments
Garland sent out the welcome letter for the Jonas Brothers Studio on March 27th.  James Taxidermy Supply will not offer any member benefits however they will be attending next year’s show.  Jonas Brothers received refund.  Discussed UTA stickers and the cost, Craig asked Bob to send a copy of the sticker so that he could get a better quote.

Received a call Dr. Vicky Bridges, Fort Collins, Colorado, USDA Vet.  They are in the process of having a program review of the swine, bovine, and hoofed animals impacting Taxidermists and oversea shipments.  They are looking for input from Taxidermist associations.  John Janelli asked Garland to email him her contact information.  

Received email from Joe Kish asking about standing and ethics committees.  We have several standing committees and we have ethics covered in our bylaws.  In the UTA bylaws, we have an annual requirement to submit an ethic statement to the Secretary. 

Treasurer’s Report

Report was emailed to all BOD.  There were no questions about the report. 

A motion was made by Terry and seconded by Jeff to ratify the checks from the Treasurer’s report.

Motion Passed. 

Website Report
No change. 

Marketing committee
No change.

Membership committee
Bob sent additional renewal checks to Craig. Bob sent out a reminder email to everyone who did not renew.  Craig wants a post card sent out. Craig will send language that he wants on the post card to Bob.

Be Bear Aware committee
No change.

Artisan Award committee
Garland has one Artisan for the Colorado Association that he will put out on the table at the World Show.  He has 16 more to be sent out by August.

Donations/fundraising committee
No change.

International Director Report
No report Grant Gavin absent. 

International Ambassador
John would like for Maco Antonio Olcha, Cubin Taxidermist who worked for the Havanna National Museum, to attend our UTA show next year as a motivate speaker.  John would also like write an article about Maco’s career and put that on our website. 

John stated that he helped Robert Menendez, United State Representative, with a firearm laws. 

John spoke with a New Jersey assemblyman who put him in touch with his Chief of Staff about making a proposal to the Fish and Wildlife in NJ, to exchange a licensing program for professional NJ taxidermists to be able to sell unclaimed mounts.

John did not attend the Wildlife Conservation event at Spokane, WA.

Old business:
2017 Board Meeting Oklahoma

Steve Abbott agreed to hold our board meeting right after their Oklahoma business meeting on Friday, June 9th at approximately 12:00 pm CST. Steve will check to see if there is an airport shuttle, if not, Garland might be able to pick up individuals at the airport. 

In addition, Craig would like to get together face to face to discuss how different aspects of the 2018 Expo should be handled.  For example, how to handle vendor fees, how to split the money, and where do the auction items go?  Everyone should come prepared with questions.

2018 Expo Venue Oklahoma
Garland asked John to add back on the toll-free number.  There will be a price increase to $35 for banquet tickets. Steve Abbott asked if there were any restrictions about bringing a mount from a previous show.  Brenda said as long as the piece was never entered into a previous UTA show, they can bring it. 

New business:
Taxidermy Direct Software/UTA Membership management

No change.   

Signature authority for checks
Leave signatures as is for now until we know where the new bank will be.

Treasurer Bookkeeper
No contract written yet, but will send a draft to Mrs. Prewitt for review and then back to the board.

Lifetime Member Plaques
Garland will ask Craig where we get them from since he had to drop off the meeting call.

Judges for 2018 Expo
Garland stated we have 3 judges but need a few more.  He will call Brenda because she was looking into other judges.  Bob has talked to a few individuals that would like to judge the show. 

State of NY Bill
Garland to contact Craig about the amount and sending check.

Table Tents for Business members
To be given to Business Members and Vendors.  Garland would like to have some printed for the World Show, if possible. 

How many supplier hand-outs and 2018 Expo fliers should we print?

Still working on the number.

For the Go
od of the Order:

A motion to adjourn was made by Terry and seconded by John Jennings at 3:20 pm MST.

Next meeting on May 17th, 2017 time of call TBD.