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Board Meeting via Teleconference
United Taxidermist Association
April 20, 2016
Chairman Craig Lewis called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm M.S.T. 

Roll Call                 
Present:                                            Absent                                    Guest
Craig Lewis Chairman                                                                     John Jennings
Garland Lessley vice Chair           Mark Walker         
Brenda Duvall                                Manny Chavez                          
Terry Bennett Secretary                    
Bill Bowen 
Bob Prewitt 
Jeff Whitlock 

Approval of the Agenda
A motion was made by Brenda and seconded by Garland to approve the agenda as presented
Motion Passed
Approval of the March 23, 2016 regular meeting minutes
A motion was made by Brenda and seconded by Terry to approve the February 25, 2016 minutes as presented 
Motion passed 

Chairpersons Comments
Craig stated that he had an extraordinary week in Gillette Wyoming at the western regionals. 
The UTA was well represented with Brenda and Bill Judging and Rick Krane a past board member judging. Craig signed up 8 new members, possibly secured 2 more vendors for the expo. 

Treasurer’s report                 
Report was emailed to all Bod. 
Discussion on the W9s and 990 forms as well as the First Data credit card processing fees. 
Craig is disputing the amount of the fees. 
A Motion was made by Brenda and seconded by Terry to ratify the checks from the February report. 
Motion Passed unanimously  
Website Report
 Jeff asked for feedback from the rest of the BOD. 
Discussion on Registration and CC acceptance on the website.
Members articles-tips and How to. 
Craig’s proposal – Articles would be submitted for review and possible inclusion on the website. As an incentive to the contributors a small stipend would be paid for articles that are accepted and published on the website. 
Craig will put together a written proposal for the next meeting. 
Terry asked if the increased volume to the website would incur additional webhosting costs. 
Jeff stated that it would not. 

Marketing Report. 
Bill said there is nothing new to report, everything is on track. 
Membership committee report. 
Terry said nothing new to report. 
Be Bear aware report. 
We waiting on a wolf skin to come back from the tannery. The skin will possibly be mounted as a lifesize for the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game. 
Fundraising committee. 
No report. 
Artisan Magazine report. 
On hold for now.  $2600 to publish 
Artisan Award
Garland stated production problems have been corrected and the Artisans are being shipped as scheduled. 
Donations committee
Jeff received a crossbow from Dicks sporting goods. 
Craig received a $1000 sponsorship from Research Mannikins
International Director 
No Report. 
International Ambassador
Craig stated that due to the increased number of international issues with cites permits, species listings, etc. and the ever present threat to the taxidermy industry as a whole it would be nice to have a contact person to represent the industry at events and with regulatory agencies. 
Craig requested permission from the BOD to contract with an agency that compiles new events in the hunting world that effect the taxidermy industry. They then send out alerts to subscribers. 
BOD agreed with request. 

May 19th The Carl Akeley Monument will be dedicated. Craig asked to put together an item of appreciation for the lady that pushed for the monument. Perhaps an Honorary membership. 
Bod agreed with request. 
2016 Expo 
Judges and seminars are all taken care. Hands on seminars are filling up. 
Event insurance is pending and should cost around $350. 
Brenda request that needed items be shipped to her for transport to the show. 
John Jennings said that he will have his new software program ready for unveiling at the show. 
New business
Bob said that the president of the New York association lost the UTA vendor appreciation check and requested a new check be issued. Craig said that we will wait 90 days to make sure that the check does not clear the bank before issuing a new check.
Craig also clarified UTA Policy that checks not cashed or deposited in 120 days they are no longer valid. 
Craig will order UTA promotional items for the expo and have them shipped to Brenda. 

Announcement of the next meeting. The Next Meeting will be May 18, 2016, at 2pm MST
Garland made a motion to adjourn at 2:58 pm MST.